Songs of Innocence and Experience, 2011

by naomimoreilly

Songs of Innocence and Experiance, 2012, Naomi O'Reilly

Songs of Innocence and Experience 2011. Digitally Manipulated Giclee Print on Epson Photo Paper Premium Gloss. Series of Twelve 42cm x 29.7cm [59.8cm x 133.3cm Installed] Ed of 3.

Songs of Innocence and Experience is an exploration of situations that have the ability to dictate who we become. Referencing pop culture icons such as Lady Gaga and Madonna, it reflects on the saturating effect that society’s ideals of beauty have on our self-perception. It’s incorporation of prominent Christian symbolism connects to the work of Lady Gaga as well as poet and artist William Blake, questioning the impact that being raised in organized religion can have on who we become. This work documents a progression from childhood to adolescence as one questions and reflects on what is true.